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This is the Coursevo Cloud Portal of all the independent learning spaces hosted in Coursevo Cloud.

Coursevo™ is an advanced e-learning multimedia platform. Coursevo is being used in academic environments and in various research projects. The platform is targeting a wide range of audience, from individuals that wish to teach or train to organizations that seek for advanced e-learning, course and user management capabilities.It be used to both distance e-learning and blended learning schemes.

Coursevo™ is offering the space and the technology for those that wish to find an effective e-learning solution, without having to cope with system setup and maintaining issues by exploiting the Coursevo's multi-tenant architecture.


Coursevo e-Learning Community


7η Υγειονομική Περιφέρεια Κρήτης


e-ARTinED Project


EVANDE - Enhancing Volunteer Awareness and education against Natural Disasters through E-learning


MultiLib Project

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